Catch Her Where?

The infamous young teen, Danielle Bregoli, of “Catch me outside” social media fame has been given her own reality show. Twitter went wild last night as TMZ broke the news that the 14-year-old has been signed by a major television company to star in her very own program. Many were shocked and disgusted that Bregoli has garnered so much attention following her Dr.Phil show antics, notably after her disrespectful and subsequently violent confrontation with her mother during the appearance.

The twitter-sphere was up in arms about why Hollywood and social-media are glamorizing Bregoli’s behavior. Social media moguls like Teisha J (@taysadoll) took to twitter to condemn the news, commenting on how “sad” it it how our pop culture elevates and praises “mediocrity”.

I can’t lie, I myself was shocked when I found out the news as well. When I first saw the clip, I didn’t see a meme or another funny video, I saw a hurting little girl who was crying out for help. The whirlwind with which Bregoli has achieved “fame” says a lot about the current status of our society, and the fact that this story is actually news says even more.

It’s scary that these are the stories that are dominating our social rhetoric, when our President is being investigated by the FBI for his ties with Russia. We are bombarded with inconsequential “fluff” like this story all the time. We as a people are so easily distracted from the things that matter. Even looking at this past election, we can see how the media “circus” works to make us look one direction, while all the action is happening somewhere else.

In the end, Danielle Bregoli is just another passing fad who’s going to try and write a biography and do “Dancing With the Stars” to hold on to her 15 minutes of fame. I just wish we were all as passionate about things that actually matter, and whose affects we are going to be living with for years to come.


One thought on “Catch Her Where?

  1. I like how you took a somewhat unique approach to the situation about Danielle Bregoli. I was one of those people who were disgusted as well. I also follow @taysadoll! You really made this post concise and went straight into the facts and gave your opinion. I also like how you gave a bit of a prediction into what could happen later in the future for Danielle.
    However the take about how this is a distraction to the president being investigated by the FBI is a bit of a reach. I do agree that the media circus guides our attention and interest elsewhere from the big picture but we could focus o many different things at once as long as it doesn’t blind us from the big picture.


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